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Party Jam of the Day – Musiq “Radio”
July 10, 2008, 9:53 am
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Papalo said that since I’m a DJ, I should be “tastemakin” and postin songs and shit…and I said “YOU DON’T KNOW ME!” (inside joke)
So, here’s Musiq Soulchild’s newest effort to get on people’s radars. It’s a “new” single called “Radio.” Forgive me if all 2 readers out there already know this song. I’ve been living without TV for 3 years and never know what’s been blastin outta the white pop cultural propaganda machine known as BET (or MTV, VH1, etc etc). So if this has already completed the “i like it – they play it too much – i hate it” cycle…sorry.

I like the song. I know It’s nothing new, and it’s obvious that Musiq, who’s from Philly, is ridin the hitmaking force that is the Southern bounce, but he acknowledges that in the song…but i like it…tell me what yall think.

Musiq “Radio”


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finally! i like it… I also like the “fuck song of the day” segment – and then you can make a mixtape out of all of it 🙂

Comment by paloma

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