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Mia Zuniga
July 13, 2008, 4:21 pm
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Mia Zuniga sang on Friday with The Park at La Pena on Friday night. I liked the subtlety of her voice…never oversinging or forcing it…makes you feel warm and comfortable. (On a side note, I’m not very good with words, so it’s gonna be hard for me to use very descriptive words to talk about stuff I like…) Oh, AND she’s from the East Bay!
bio from her website:

“I’ve been singing since I was three, but I’ve loved music since before I can even remember.” -Mia Zuniga…At three years old, acoustic-soul songstress Mia Zuniga had already been singing along to tunes on the radio while sitting in the back of her mother’s car. By the time she reached the age of nine, she had already begun writing her own songs. A classically trained vocalist, a then seventeen year old Zuniga began training with highly touted voice instructors Silvester Henderson (UC Berkeley) and Pamela Brooks. Despite such an early musical background, it was not until 2002 that the East Bay Area native picked up a guitar, a gift from her uncle, and within three weeks, she became the rhythm guitarist for her christian college group. In 2004 while attending Los Medanos College, she met and began working closely with local songwriter/producers David Tam and Adam Frakes. “We were working on various other projects and asked Mia to come in and help us with backing vocals on a track. Moments into the session, we discovered that Mia was much more than just a session vocalist,” says Tam. The chemistry they shared sparked the motivation to begin recording Zuniga’s forthcoming solo album debut, STORIES SUCH AS THESE. It is an honest self portrait that reflects Mia Zuniga’s thoughts on family, her experiences with love, and her faith in God by blending various musical styles that include Soul, R&B and a touch of Jazz, giving the collection of songs a sound of its own.

Here’s a song that I downloaded off her myspace, where you can get more songs for free:
Mia Zuniga “Between the Lines”


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wadup phatness! the blog is dope, definitely gonna be on this shit daily. let’s link-up! both in the blog world and in the real world once you move down to the better half of the state!


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