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House Song of the Day: Lisa Shaw “Grown Apart”
July 20, 2008, 1:28 pm
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A conversation that DJ Icewater and I had a month ago at LIBRE still resonates with me now. We were talking about our yearning to spin more house music and parties. He said something to the effect that with Hip Hop, the energy of the crowd depends on the song and artist you play, while with House and other forms of loop-based music, the vibe depends on the energy of the songs you play and how it builds with your selection.

When did Hip Hop become less about the music and more about the celebrity/recognizability factor? Or was it always about that? Are these questions even relevant? Am I just bored sitting here in Torrance, CA with nothing to do?

Lisa Shaw “Grown Apart”

“Grown Apart” is off of Lisa Shaw’s debut album, Cherry, released in 2005 on SF/NY based deep house label Naked Music.


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I don’t think it always used to be that way. Before, at least for me, I used to look out for the NEW shit that the DJ played, that new remix or exclusive. Maybe with music being so ‘accessible,’ that same hunger isn’t quite there.

I still think there’s a way to work around that, being able to gage the crowd’s taste with the recognizable shit, then slipping in the new shit at the right time, being able to live and die with those risks, and also having your “can’t miss” songs ready to go when you need some saving.

sometimes it has to do with promo. if the flyer says “strictly dilla beats” then hopefully most of the crowd will be there for that. notice you won’t get as many people complaining at “devil’s pie”… cause most of em know what to expect!

it also takes a good (ahem) host/mc to be able to ease the crowd into that new selection. good luck finding one of those buddy!

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