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Video: First 10 minutes of Cocaine Cowboys II
July 21, 2008, 12:39 pm
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Speaking of Oakland…

via Eskay

Cocaine Cowboys II chronicles the story of Griselda Blanco, the cocaine godmother, and her relationship with Charles Cosby, an Oakland drug kingpin, who, through his relationship with Griselda, became THE top of the foodchain for Oakland’s crack industry.

Seeing this affects me on a personal level. Having taught in West Oakland for 3 years, I saw what the crack epidemic had done to an entire community first hand. It was, and still is, socio-economic genocide.

I’m conflicted about these kind of documentaries. I love true-scarface-stories as much any other dude out there. But do they further glorify and romanticize something so destructive? Yes. Are the film makers responsible in reporting on how the subject matter they document (and profit off of) has systematically torn apart the Black family in Oakland? Don’t know.

We need something that appeals to the pop sensibility of today’s young media consumers that can accurately and critically talk about the history of drugs in poor communities and the effects it has on us today. No, Flavor of Love and the Keyshia Cole reality show don’t count.


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i’m not feelin how they used a cartoon/comic book feel to the film… it gives off the impression that what happened is just a story, and not real facts. I agree with you Phatty… from Menace II Society to American Gangster, the real impact made from these situations is sensationalized.

Comment by paloma

Seen a bootleg of CC2. I think it’s better than CC1, the picture of Griselda Blanco at the end of the movie taken by some dude’s cell phone in 2007 at a Bogota airport was nuts!

Comment by DeeBee9

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