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Find of the Day: Nosaj Thing – “Aquarium”

Listening to the Kid Cudi mixtape, there’s this one instrumental he spits over for the song “Man On The Moon (The Anthem)” that I SWORE I knew but couldn’t put my finger on…shit bothered me for a long time.

But, while preparing to jog around the Lake this morning, the trusty shuffle mode of iTunes solved my mystery! (Am I the only one that thinks there’s a secret magic psychic formula used to program iTunes’ shuffle mode?)

Nosaj Thing – “Aquarium”

The instrumental is produced by LA based musician Nosaj Thing. The song is called “Aquarium” and was featured on a compilation by indie hip hop/electronic label Untapped Sounds called The Change Up, which I got my hands on around 2006.

PS: Nosaj Thing’s real name is Jason Chung. That’s right, he’s a fellow Asian American! YEEEE!


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ooo, i like it…

Comment by paloma

This is how iPod shuffle works:

It taps into your innermost emotions – heartbreak, elation, and in your case, frustration about an unsolved mystery – and plays songs accordingly.

But if you dare skip forward more than once, you break the chain and are forced to hear crap afterwards.

This is the secret to Apple’s success. Mwahahah!

Comment by Ms. Krish

This is Maniac. I produced this track(Aquarium) in 2005 and had it reviewed by an executive at Mowtown Records. Apparently Nosaj Thing remixed it for Kid Cudi. I never received any notification my track would be used or payment, now I have two artists both using my track without my consent!

Comment by Maniac

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