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Renewing Faith in Humanity Pt. 2

[preemptive hater prevention]

So a conversation with Bambu reminded me that some folks might read yesterday’s post and have all sorts of reactionary emotions and thoughts.

Yes, I do realize that, having white privilege, the process of exoneration well might have been easier for dude. No, I have not forgotten the countless others who are falsely imprisoned or denied due process, criminally and politically, and may never have their life restored; Mumia, SF8, Guantanamo, etc.. Yes, I do know that in the system that we live in, it’s easier for a jury, of any color or mix, to believe a brown or black person guilty regardless of hard evidence. And yes, I also realize that many black and brown young folks don’t even make it to the judicial process due to a pig’s (see pic above) own racial bias in taking justice in his/her own hands and murdering a suspect.

Having said all that, I am reminded of the documentary of Darryl Hunt which I aim to watch:


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i personally read the craigslist posting and got choked up, moreso about the dude’s commentary about finding the love of his life (see last few paragraphs of essay) and how he realized the magnitude of that love in light of what happened to him. and the fact that the way he writes about his experiences is so informal and matter-of-fact, yet touching at the same time (reminds me of some of my students’ writings about painful experiences).

and, yes, it should be read in the context that there are many folks who do not get second chances like he did, because of systemic realities. BUT, i think on a purely personal level (while still hard to disconnect to issues of race, gender, class, etc), his story is still a powerful one.

Comment by scariaga

c’mon now just cause someone’s being critical doesn’t mean they’re a hater. screw the disclaimers. if anything it’s probably better to let the critique come, and build that dialogue. who knows, maybe there’s something you (or we) haven’t even thought about.

Comment by kiwizzo

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