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WTF?!!! of the Day: Ill Bill – “White Ni**er”
August 13, 2008, 10:39 am
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via eskay:

Here’s the song: Ill Bill – “White Ni**er”

This song leaked on the internet about a year ago, but the video of him explaining himself just came out.

So I guess this is Ill Bill’s (Non Phixion/La Coka Nostra) attempt at pulling a Nas. After listening to his song, and realizing that he’s trying to defend his whiteness with the “I’m from the Ghetto too” card, I came to the conclusion that he’s using “ni**er” in his title, and in the hook, as a marketing tool to create hype and controversy so folks will listen to the record. And that shit is fucking wack coming from a white dude (sorry mang, if you didn’t tell me, I wouldn’t have known you were jewish).

Look, I’m not trying to ignore your tangible pain growing up a poor Jew in a Black neighborhood in an era and city where bashing Jews, from both sides, was a common occurance. But what you’re doing is still an act of WHITE PRIVILEGE buddy. Being defensive about your whiteness is up there in my top 10 list of things that quality white folks as white folks. This will be the wigger anthem for the ever increasing legions of white-guilt oppression-seeking stans out there.

Here’s the last line of his last vrs:

…if this song offends you, you’re a hater – take a look within yourself
and figure out what the fuck you’re afraid of…

Hm. Guilty. I am a hater. And I’m afraid of how this song might falsely empower young pale skinned peoples to ignore this and this and this and claim reverse racism anytime something happens to further the equality of oppressed peoples of color in this fucked-up backward-assed country.

[Phatrick releases his mic immediately after the end of his rant and it drops onto the stage with a loud thud, pissing off the sound man and jolting the silent audience. He turns without waiting for a response and walks off stage.]


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Damn White supremacists.

Comment by Miss Kristia

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