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Song of the Year: M.I.A. – “Paper Planes”

I remember a year ago, Steph and I were sitting on the homie Ben’s couch at his house in Saigon, Vietnam, and listening to a leaked version of M.I.A.’s second album, Kala. To be honest, on first listen, we weren’t feeling it. Keep in mind, we were HUGE fans of Arular. Feeling a little disappointed, my impatient ass was about to turn the stereo off and go on a bahn xeo run when the Clash horn/guitar sample that opens “Paper Planes,” blasts through the speakers. Needless to say we forgot about the crepe.

Today, I still consider Arular a stronger album then Kala. But “Paper Planes” is M.I.A.’s greatest song made thus far in her career…and a year later, it’s spreading beyond her typical indie-electronic-blipster-ilovebailefunk-progressive fanbase. spreading fast.


DOWNLOAD: T.I. feat. Kanye West, Jay-Z & Lil Wayne – “Swagger Like Us”
[link updated]
(via the usual suspects)

This song from T.I.’s Paper Trail, which might possibly be the greatest collabo track of 2008, samples a line from “Paper Planes.” The credits should really say “featuing M.I.A.” since she, by far, as the greatest swagger of all the voices on the track, [wink].


The Pineapple Express trailer:


Diplo, the producer of “Paper Planes” and M.I.A. (they were once a couple) at home singing an early version of the song.


DOWNLOAD: The Clash – “Straight to Hell”
(via Different Kitchen)

The original sample for “Paper Planes”, from the classic album Combat Rock by The Clash.


The fambam, Blue Scholars, doing their version of “Paper Planes” at ECAASU.

“Swagger Like Us” is produced by Yeezy.


I assumed that all the readers out there have this track already, but if not, here you go:
DOWNLOAD: M.I.A. – “Paper Planes”


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i agree arular is definitely a stronger album

Comment by miss.lee

Where’s that Bun B and Richboy rmx?

Comment by joedobo

Thought about posting it…and the Freeway rmx…but got lazy. plus i’m not big fans of them…hook it up!

Comment by djphatrick

Arular is much stronger, but I agree 9,000% that “Paper Planes” is her best song, ever (and song of the year… Dont forget “Forever” by Chris Brown tho! =P). Whenever I hear that sh*t (MIA) in the club I am awash in a sense of euphoria; hopelessness is cast away and those shots being licked-off, followed by a cash register doing its “cha-ching” thing, is pure brilliance.

btw, im very much looking forward to hearing that new TIP, and Pineapple Express goes dummy hard in the lane. “Im glad I dipped my pen in your ink, bro…” =)

be easy brother phatrick.

Comment by colinresponse

I don’t understand them torrent things… I know how to dl what folks post to me, but thats about it. I think I limewired it…

And out of curiosity Senbei, what did you think of Tropical Thunder? I wanted to “boo” at the end, but loved Pineapple Express. Other folks feel the exact opposite. Split field.

Comment by joedobo

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