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Photoblog: Farewell SF, Hello hell…woops, I mean LA
September 16, 2008, 1:34 pm
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JUST KIDDING FOLKS! I love it here in LA so far…heh…heh heh….

Burning the Texas flag. The Bay is the home away from home now.

So, it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve relocated to Los Angeles. I’ve finally come to a comfortable rhythm here, meaning, really, that I’ve finally gotten internet at the house and have trudged through my backlog of 600+ blog postings on my Google Reader (stayed up til 3am). Now, there’s nothing left to do but to update this thing.

Really though, I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful transitional experience so far. I live in a beautiful house with beautiful people; I’ve orchestrated and experienced a historical reunion on stage; I’ve spun some CRACKIN parties with both POC and weird ass LA trendies in attendance; I’ve driven to the bay and back in one day (ok, scratch that one); I’ve become pretty good with a hack saw and sand paper building out my room and studio…

So, here’s a photoblog of the end of an era, and the beginning of another one:

8.27.08 – Farewell Bonfire

Thanks for everyone who came through. Jimmy, you were there from my first day in the bay, to my last…

Me and Derek positioning the “firewood” that Adia and Earnestine brought. Shit was fresh cut from a live tree. Lasted all night.

That’s Kristia with my favorite-est hoodie in the world.

Jerome and Derek…SFHH!

The stack of biz cards that Paloma brought for the burning ritual.

Ruby devouring a s’more like it’s the last Ginger Fish left at Golden Lotus.

Scariaga’s nose is uber sensitive to cold.

I wish I had more pictures, I’m missing alot of folks. Dat, Adriel, Joy, Tiff, Kristen, Kiwi, Nomi, Colin, Diesel, Matt Price, Jimmy etc, etc etc, please send me any photos you have of the night!

8.28.08 – Devil’s Pie: Lovelee Edition & 1Yr Anniversary

Last Devil’s Pie with me as cap’n; my baby, 1 year after we started it…Thanks Mai-Lei for spinning. Thanks to everyone who came and caused the party to spill out onto the sidewalk…

The farewell cake Scariaga custom ordered for me…based off of this flyer I made several years ago.

DJ Lovelee cheesin with me right before she dropped an amazing set.

D.A.T. and I. Brothers from the same mother: soul.

LA: Shelter

Now I live in a house in Highland Park; far enough from the craziness of downtown/echopark/k-town/hollywood to not get overwhelmed, but close enough to not have to drive 30 min everywhere. I have 3 roommates: Rani, the owner of the house, who is a dope musician, dj, and all around great metaphysical conversational partner; Claudia, a jewelery maker and photographer who just came back from traveling around South and Central America for the last 6 years, who is also my kick-it partner-in-crime (we’ve already spent 2 entire days kicking it in the center of gravity (see below)); and Rabbi aka Sunny, a stray rabbit who decided to make our backyard his home and shitting ground.



Rabbi aka Sunny

The Center of Gravity. 1 Oakland couch + 1 LA couch * pillow rearrangement = the most comfortable corner couch felt by this dj’s humble ass.

The view from our front porch.

More LA beginnings to be continued…


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wooowww!! I can’t wait to crash on the couch and burn trees on the porch!! i miss you phatty pie!

Comment by paloma

awwww man i miss your ass! i too will be parkin my ass on that comfy couch one of these days…. probably next yurrr. call tafarai back foo! =)

Comment by joyous

i love new beginnings…good luck bro

Comment by chris

it’s beautiful. yay for you!

Comment by kristia

[…] my first few days in LA at the new crib, this cd, which Claudia had picked up in her travels and had put into our cd player, was on constant repeat. It’s […]

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