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Photoblog: LA Beginnings cont…

9.6.08 to 9.7.08 – FPAC 2008, Pt. Fermin Park, San Pedro

The first time I ever dj’d with Native Guns was at FPAC three years ago.
The year after that, Barrel Men and Stray Bullets 2 came out.
Then the Native Guns broke up.
FPAC 2007 was Bambu solo, pushing his then recently released 2nd LP, …i scream bars for the children…
This year at FPAC, both Kiwi and Bam were billed, albeit on separate days.
What was going to happen? This, of course:

The Native Guns reunited on stage @ FPAC 2008. Photo by Donnah Barbera

For both emcee’s sets, the other emcee did a “surprise” appearance. Doing “Initiation” again after all the time apart was probably my favorite moment of the weekend. I couldn’t stop smiling…which probably ruined the gang initiation vibe of the song…

Photo by Donnah Barbera

Kiwi and DJ Phatrick.

The night before @ Divine Forces Radio, KPFK.

Daniel loves FPAC.

Jason Yap with Kahlil Bayani Deocampo, who feels uncomfortable wearing a Dodgers fitted. me too buddy…me toooo.

The legendary Joe Bataan closed the festival. You can read more about him in my previous post.

“Afro-Filipinooooo…average sorta guy….” NO, Mr. Bataan. You aren’t an average guy.

Joe leading the audience in a conga line.

On the way back, saw a lost turtle sign. They got his expression wrong. Dude’s gotta be happy as fuck to be free…

9.11.08 – Boogaloo[LA]

Spun for a second time with Rani at O-Dub and Murphy’s Law’s weekly latin, soul, and funk joint, Boogaloo[LA], at The Short Stop in LA’s Echo Park district.
For folks who think O-Dub’s just an academic who geeks out on soul music, think again. This dude is a beast on the turntables. It’s fucking easy for someone to rake in mp3s of rare soul from the internet and play them on your ipod at parties (which is what alot of supposed “djs” do in LA and NY, I hear), but to have those songs, have them personally in your vinyl collection, and also know how to mix them seamlessly takes real skill and musicianship. O-Dub easily can rock a whole consecutive week of parties without me knowing a single song by name. DJing with him and Rani is both a source of great honor and also great intimidation; I’m used to the Bay Area party-rocking style where the majority plays the same “rare” soul cuts mixed with your choice of 90s sample-based East Coast hip hop.
If you haven’t already, you have go to Boogaloo[LA] on Thursdays. Just don’t be that one dirty punk-rock looking white LA trendster who asks if any “rap” is going to be played tonight. Yes, I’m talking about you.


The ghost of DJ Phatrick

BONUS: My favorite song from the night. The Joubert Singers – “Stand on the Word” (Larry Levan Remix)

9.13.08 – Blue Rooster Art Supply & Purple Circle Hair Salon End Summer Block Party

The OG Bay2LA migrator Maya hooked up Rani and I to dj this collaborative end of summer block party for the art store she worked for, Blue Rooster, and its neighbors, the Purple Circle hair salon. Maya, herself, the homie Joel, and Boss Harmony from the Dubclub also dj’d. With the combination of different store clientele, plus a healthy dose of the homies, we had pretty eclectic crowd to rock. But rock it we did…with the help of FREE alcohol…


Kwen75 (aka Maya) played my favorite song of the night, “Pata Pata” by Miriam Makeba:

sooo…that’s my LA beginnings so far…not too bad…need a job though. Don’t worry though, all phattyblog activity should be up to normal status soon: Fuck Songs, Self-Hate, etc etc.


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