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Photoblog: Bye Bay, Hi LA Part 3

8.29.08 – LIBRE: The Official Phatty Farewell Party

Just when I thought I wouldn’t have any photos to document this crazy night, Angela Angel, blessed me this morning with some! Angela is an amazing artist, photographer, and poet in her own right. I remember hearing her poetry for the first time at the Maganda Magazine open mics at Cal and being thrown off at first by the pacing of her pieces as it contrasted with the popular spoken-word performance style being used (and abused) around that time at the height, in my opinion, of the API Spoken Word scene/hype. Her style focused all the attention of the audience on her words, which, with every single syllable, contributed power to her pieces. Please check out her blog:

LIBRE is the monthly at Poleng Lounge that kinda “fell” into Kiwi’s lap a couple of years ago, but has turned into one of the craziest, most successful monthly parties in SF. I owe Kiwi many many many things, but being resident DJ here is on top of the long list. Revolutionaries can’t fight all the time, and LIBRE was that place where the community came at the end of a long frustrating month to relax and let the stress sweat out onto the dance floor. Although it’s definitely gotten a lot more, shall we say, mainstream, recently, in terms of the turnout, it is my favorite cathartic monthly dj experience; an experience where I don’t have to worry about what I play because I know the audience trusts me, and we can have fun together…AND I can make a decent DJ living! (Hey, that’s important!)

For my Farewell party, I finally reserved time out of soccer, graffiti, and jewelery making from Treat U Nice my longtime Trick N Treat dj partner (get it? phaTRICK and TREATunice…gotta credit DAT with that one) to do one last Trick N Treat 4-turntable set. Several years back, we had a party together at the former Oaklandish store in Oakland called HELLA, where we rocked it all night, 10pm-4am on 4 turntables. Ever since then, we’ve been trying, though unsuccessfully, to recreate that party, that feeling, again, where all the family came through, no one cared who was who, and people went crazy for both Keak and Kool and the Gang, Clipse and Curtis Mayfield. This LIBRE brought the feeling back for me. To be up there going back and forth with the stone faced Treat, not knowing what kinda of shit the other one’s gonna play, sometimes throwing a song on that got the “WTF?!” face from the crowd, which in turn made both of us laugh, was all I wanted for my “last” party in the Bay. Another special part of the night for me was Bambu surprising me by showing up, straight from a grueling 6-hour drive up from LA. To have Bam, Kiwi, and I together just having fun, wilding out to T.I.’s “What You Know,” singing along together to Al Green, made it THAT night, you know?

All photos by Angela Angel

“Are you sure you wanna play ‘Lean Like A Cholo’ ?”

Bam finds god…it’s T-Pain.

You think he’s thinking about the next song, but he’s really thinking about this.

“…sittin in the morning sun…i’ll be sitting when the evening comes…”

Don’t worry folkers, I will be back in the Bay every month to continue djing at LIBRE. The next one is Friday, September 26 featuring the return of fellow Chinese party rocker: DJ Deedot (Nate Krooks, Melina Jones).


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yay!! someone took pics! I have to say it brought a tear to my eye to see the three of you together… And I danced my ass off that night, WHOOOOOO!

Comment by paloma

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