DJ Phatrick

GOOD LOOKS Countdown: 5 Days

Today’s GOOD LOOKS countdown post courtesy of DJ Capski:

Excuse me madame…

A jam that defined my last two years thanks to one of the illest friends/roommates/mentors/chefs/40 associates a dude can have, “No Parking on the Dance Floor” is one of my dude David’s favorite songs. He’s still teaching in Hawai’i (whattup Waianae) and doing major things (like rocking Tretorns). Anyway, this is sure to get a play at GOOD LOOKS, cause this ain’t no sit your ass down and observe type soiree. Move that body.

For all my teachers out there waking up at 5 (or was that just me getting up pointlessly early?) I know GOOD LOOKS is a weekday…but still…you must do it big. “Early in the Morning” is part of one of my mixes from 2006 that actually won an intertron competition (word to the hollerboard). I’m still stoked on that mix 2 years later.


Straight up my song right now. Morgan Geist was talking shit about how everyone knows these obscure italo joints but not a D-Train hit. So here’s a D-Train hit. yeanheard?

Random Good Look:
Berkeley sunset

Get it in!




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