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Photo of the Day: Taqueria Sinaloa, Oakland
October 27, 2008, 11:10 am
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REASON TO MISS OAKLAND #538: Taqueria Sinaloa.

Everyone says the Mexican food in LA is better than Oakland. They obviously haven’t been to 22nd Ave. and International Blvd.

Thanks for the reminding me, Kiwi!


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mmm looks yummy… too bad you UNINVITED me to kick it wit ya’ll fucker! (still love you though)

Comment by paloma

Hmmm… I have been there. BUT, I must apologize and strongly point out how fuckn’ wrong you are! King Taco, El Burritaco, the taco vendor at McArthur Park on a Sunday — these are the Mexican food spots that GO!

I HELLA love Oakland, but not for their Mexican food! Next to San Diego, L.A. is the only place to go for Mexican food this side of the border.


Comment by Bambu

Sinaloa’s so good, I say it with an East L.A accent: “SEEE-NA-LOWAAA!”

I think the tacos are definitely competitive, and at least they put everything on there for you instead of making you put the cilantro/onions/salsa on yourself (L.A). The burritos ain’t too special, but the Bay in general has pretty strong veggie mexi-food options. The veggie tacos at La Taqueria in the Mission or the super veggie burro at El Farolito: BOMB.

Comment by kiwizzo

by the way, you spelled my website wrong doofus!

Comment by kiwizzo

link FIXED!

bam…don’t take this personal, but i don’t really trust your taste in food, mr. taco bell!

Comment by djphatrick

Through personal experience, I have yet to taste great Mexican food in LA.

My rating system:
Central Valley taco trucks >>> San Diego >>> Bay >>> LA

Maybe someone can prove me wrong one day.

Comment by Ninoy Brown

ARGH! what’s wrong with y’all?! oakland for a taco?! oh, and taco bell is the shit!!!

Comment by Bambu

Aw we miss you. Hahah and your dance in the flyer posted above.

Comment by Miss Kristia

Dude doorknockers is still not in your blogrooll

Comment by Miss Kristia

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