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GOOD LOOKS Pt. 2 Countdown: 1 Day! GO VOTE!
November 4, 2008, 9:17 am
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in 1 DAY!

AHHHHH…sorry for not keeping up with this countdown, the past 3 days were MAINY: Early voting in Norwalk (ended up not doing it cuz it was a 3 hour wait), Día de los Muertos altar material shopping and making, and a much needed joint in the evening on Saturday. Sunday: four, yes, FOUR, Día de los Muertos festivals/parties. Aaand Monday? Finished mixing down the first single for the Pretty Buoyant Society, a music collaboration between me and Adriel Luis where we finally indulge into the quirkier side of our musical passions. Watch out for the first single, “Schizophrenic Love” featuring Golda Supernova, coming real soon…

BUT here we are. Tuesday, November 4. Election Day. VOTE please. Here in California, I’m not so much concerned about who becomes the next corporate and zionist puppet in the White House , as I am concerned about some of the propositions on the ballot. So instead of meaningless music postings, I’m gonna rundown which CA Propositions you should DEFINITELY NOT vote for. Yea yea, I know this is HELLA late in the game, but hopefully some of y’all might catch this before going to the polls.

Prop 8 is the anti-gay marriage proposal. Like Wanda Sykes says, “If you’re against gay marriage, then don’t marry someone of the same sex!” Instead of posting a No on Prop 8 video, I’m gonna post a Yes on Prop 8 commercial that demonstrates the ridiculousness of the reasoning of the supporters of the proposition. Sadly, it’s done by Chinese Californians, who happen to be some of the most fervent supporters of the prop. I feel shame for my people:

via Disgrasian

Prop 6 is Prop 21 on steroids, and Prop 9 is a redundant money-wasting anti-crime legislation. Don’t fuck with them.


For the rest of the propositions up on the ballot, I recommend Junichi’s voter guide at Poplicks.

GOOD LOOKS in 1 day! We might be celebrating the first Black man as president, or having a farewell celebration before our move to Canada!


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