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808’s & Heartbreak…
November 20, 2008, 4:40 pm
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…is REALLY GOOD. And please believe me when I say I’m as surprised to say that as alot of you Kanye haters would be. Until last night, when an unnamed source emailed me the leak to the entire album, the only song I was hella feeling was “Heartless.” (Don’t front. “Heartless” is the truth!) I liked “Love Lockdown” when it first came out, but it turned me off to see him performing it live WITH auto-tune but was still off key. “Love Lockdown” is actually one of the weaker songs on the album…that and the Weezy joint.

Peep the album version of “Robocop”:
DOWNLOAD: Kanye West – “Robocop”

Kanye also a solid reputation for having amazing intro songs:
DOWNLOAD: Kanye West – “Say You Will”
DISCLAIMER: This is a leak, so the track order might be off, meaning this might not be the actual intro song.

UPDATE: So, the net police deleted the mp3s. All good. Myspace is offering the album for streaming preview on Kanye’s page.

Now, while, musically, this album is good, I must say that the more comfortable Kanye gets creating music from and about his ego (which he has the complete right to do), the less staying power his music has in my musical treasure chest. There’s a “wholesomeness” in his early music, especially on his debut album College Dropout, that really sticks to your soul which, for me, is lacking on his new shit. I’ve long stopped listening to Graduation, but continue to bump Late Registration, my favorite, on every six hour drive to and from Oakland. What is it? Is it the switch in subject matter? Is it because the “All Falls Downs” have been replaced by the “Flashing Lights”?

Big ups to Guerilla Busfare!


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YOU. ARE> TRIIPPINN. that weezy track is fire! actually my least favorite is “amazing.” and you know i love me some jeezy.

Comment by adrizzle

Phatrick! It’s cool to stumble upon this blog. Yo, I don’t know if you remember me, but I was one of the dudes co-emceeing the FilAmFest back in October. It has been a pleasure seeing ya at the events I’ve been to: The Fest and the PPT in L.A. I feel you on the wholesomeness Kanye’s been missing. And that’s coming from a huge fan that’s known in San Diego. Haha. It’s still masterfully crafted; just without the Chi-Town soul to it. Totally agreeable. Well, good read! And yes: Late Reg is a classic; I personally love the orchestration Jon Brion accompanied this album with. Peace!

Comment by Gerard

Ha! found your blog from Bj’s page…not feelin this album.. from a technical aspect I’m impressed by his range and ability as a producer but the music is not something I’ve been able to embrace fully yet.and it’s not about any hip hop prejudices why I’m not feeling this cause I like all types of music.But I need to listen to it more and maybe I’ll get it..but shit, usually if I dont love it the first 2 seconds I drop a needle on it, it’s more than likely not the ish….dope blog!

Comment by Vinroc

Here’s a comment i heard from a friend: “I like this music, just not from kanye”…i kinda agree. I think Kanye said it best when he said that he doesn’t even listen to rap anymore because he no longer lives in an environment to enjoy rap music. Meaning that he lives too nice to listen to rap. Which kinda alienates me from his new music because I STILL LIVE in environments where rap is very apropo! I can’t relate to bougie ego emo-ness…

Comment by djphatrick

one of the largest general gripes people have of kanye is his ego… but when ‘ye finally appears sans his louis vuitton don cockyness… people can’t accept it. i dunno the album speaks to me. im fellin it.

Comment by djbrigidopeisdahtruf

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