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Photos of the Day: Greek Riots
December 17, 2008, 12:40 pm
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Via The Boston Globe:

Just Do It.

Merry Christmas!

Instead of being inspirational, these pictures frustrate me. Here in the US, in Oakland, in LA, in Houston, in every single urban landscape of this country, brown and black youth have been killed, beaten, and abused by the police so often during the last 3 decades beginning first with the War on Poverty, then the War on Drugs, and now the War on Immigrants, that the oppression has been “normalized” in our communities. To what extent does power have to be abused these days before we are moved to take to the streets, instinctively, united, and without regards to “permits” or permission? We have to get permission?!!

The only recent instance I can remember of an unplanned, spur-of-the-moment mass movement happening was right after Prop 8 passed and Hollywood white folks took to the streets of Silverlake. How sad. Just a few days before that, the protest and march for immigrant rights, which was the culmination of a long hunger strike in downtown LA, proceeded in sterile fashion, with a pre-planned route and a prearranged police escort; and quietly made its point without disturbing anyone.

See the rest of the photos HERE.

Thanks Kristia!


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your welcome phatty. i’m sorry i won’t get to see you in your new hometown.

Comment by Miss Kristia

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