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Top Fifty Things Lil Wayne Is, According To Lil Wayne on The Carter III
December 19, 2008, 12:37 pm
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Via The Fader:

Top Fifty Things Lil Wayne Is, According To Lil Wayne on The Carter III
50. Just a soul whose intentions are good
49. A bastard
48. A venereal disease, like a menstrual bleed
47. A missle
46. Okay, but his is watch sick
45. Hotter than the Sunday after Saturday
44. Not finished
43. A young money millionaire
42. Hotter than summer rain
41. Back again
40. A Martian
39. An alien
38. Out of this world, hoe
37. Peepin at you people different
36. The bomb, like tick tick
35. A savage like Noah, Ben, and Randy
34. Richer than Nicole
33. Swimming in bucks
32. So far from the othars, I meant others
31. A beast
30. A dog
29. A motherfuckin problem
28. On it
27. Better. If not now, then never
26. Hyper
25. So on it
24. Greedy
23. Cool, like LA nights
22. Amazing
21. Still on that street shit
20. The real deal, no pickle
19. So aware
18. A lion
17. Married to that crazy bitch, call him Kevin Federline
16. Rare like Mr. Clean with hair 14. Like a turtle, when he sips the purple
13. Healed
12. Agriculture
11. A monster
10. So fly he needs his ass kicked
9. All about weed
8. Starving
7. Screwed up
6. A motherfuckin cajun
5. Drinking hot tea
4. Him times three
3. A damn tarantula
2. Ill
1. Nothing like you

Read the other lists HERE.


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