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Video: Ise Lyfe – “Hard In The Paint (The Murder of Oscar Grant)”

I’ve been scouring the internet news for updates on what’s happening with the Oscar Grant situation back home. There’s not much media out there. It’s not over y’all. Mehserle, the pig who murdered Oscar, has pleaded not guilty, and has hired the lawyer who has successfully defended other guilty pigs like the Oakland Riders. Also, who are the other pigs who were there on the BART platform and complicit of the crime? Why have they not been charged?

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For more information on Ise Lyfe, visit his website or his website.

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Well man, the collection of clergy and whatnot holding center stage as spokespersons, the Coalition Against Police Execution, frankly are smothering any more radical response. Calls for demanding amnesty for those arrested is shouted down in their “Townhall meetings” – Who is making decisions and writing their public statements? Who knows. They aren’t a transparent organization. It’s hard even to find out exactly what organizations are members of the coalition.
No prisoner or legal suppport is happening through them and they are playing right into the media’s divide and conquer bullshit by disavowing any of the brothers and sisters arrested. The initial explosion is past. Real class and consciousness differences are coming to the top. The harder push has gotta come from everybody getting locked out of the meetings and getting locked up in the pen.

Comment by grouchosuave

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