DJ Phatrick

Fuck Song of the Day: Marvin Gaye – “Since I Had You”

Sorry for the hiatus. It was hard to think of Fuck Songs to post amidst the genocide and murder that heralded the start of the Gregorian New Year.
But, my native New Year is here, and I’m feeling refreshed!

DOWNLOAD: Marvin Gaye – “Since I Had You”
From I Want You (Motown, 1976)

To be fair, Marvin’s whole I Want You album is pretty much one giant fuck song. But “Since I Had You” stuck out to me amongst the ten song orgy with its downtempo, steady-grooved intro. An intro like this begs to be sampled, looped, and repeated forever on some steady dusk to dawn teeth-clenchin’ grindin’ tip:

Pharcyde’s take on the sample: The Pharcyde – “Otha Fish” (L.A. Jay Remix)

My take on the sample: Do D.A.T. – “Davin’s Lament” (prod. by DJ Phatrick)
From Do D.A.T’s The Skinny EP


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