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M.I.A. Speaks on Genocide in Sri Lanka
January 30, 2009, 10:30 am
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Touré talks with M.I.A. about the shit that’s goin’ down in Sri Lanka:
M.I.A. Goes To War

via Smoking Section

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Here’s Mia’s background: Father is a fighter of the terrorist group the LTTE that uses kids as young as 7 as ‘soldiers’ and murdered thousands of people in suicide bombings. Her father graduated from the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia in Moscow and spent three months training in Lebanon with Palestinian militants from the Fatah wing of the PLO. The Tamil people live peacefully with their Sinhalese and Muslim neighbors all over Sri Lanka. They don’t consider the Tigers their leaders and have unequivocally rejected them Tamil politician Ananda Sangaree scoffs at this nonsense about ‘genocide’ — he’s in a better position to judge than Mia since he lives in Sri Lanka. Mia used the terrible tragedy of her people to climb to stardom and continues to shamelessly milk that ‘I’m a victim’ position. She should be calling on her ‘hero,’ Tiger supremo Prabhakaran to let go the 250,000 civilians behind whom he’s hiding. She should also use her good offices to urge him to do what he has inspired thousands of her people to do:commit suicide. Unless, of course, he wants the ultimate humiliation of being hauled into an international criminal court for his crimes against humanity and his own people. Americans, please, stop being snowed by the garbage Mia spouts.

Comment by nimmi

hmm..I don’t have too much of an in-depth knowledge on the history and power dynamics of the Sri Lankan conflict to be able to comment succinctly. anyone have a reply from a different perspective?
Really though, from my casual perspective, you (the commentor) sound like the Israel government defending it’s killing of Gazan civilians…

Comment by djphatrick

Thanks for posting. It’s great that she can use her celebrity to bring awareness to what’s going on with ethnic genocides. Now what do I do? My representatives are already on her side as far as I know but they aren’t doing anything about it

Comment by Adía

MIA is brilliant, resilient, my shero and so photogenic that it hurts my feelings.

Comment by colinresponse


Comment by JANA

I remember MIA’s earlier interviews, in which she is clearly seen to be an apologist and an admirer of the despicable Prabaharan the “supreme commander” of the LTTE. If she admired Prabaharan so much once how is it that she is now of the view that the Tamil diaspora of her ilk, are separate from the Tigers? How can she claim she is the the voice of the “civilian refugee”. Was not her father a card carrying member of a terrorist organization EROS which ‘fortunately’ was “disbanded” by the Tigers by killing off its commanding echelon?

The innocent Tamil civilians the Tigers subjugated and terrorised certainly are separate from the Tigers, the victims of this bloody conflict, a conflict that we all hope will come to a swift end, but only if the Tiger Cadre stop using these civilians as Human Shields.

Comment by Ferdinand Salvador

I like how everyone here thinks they have the inside dish on who and what MIA is. Sod off and let her do her thing. She rocks dispite your BS and the BS that might follow her around in life.

Comment by jes

are you kidding me.. we are not terroist.. if it wasnt for prabakaran we would be all dead.. so shut the fuk up if u dont know.. its easy to be somewhere else and talk shit.. you need to go through the life tamils live back home to feel the pain. kids at the age of 7 go because they would rather die trying to fight for peace thn get raped and murdered by the army. and this comment is to nimmi..

Comment by jessica

hei u stupid nimmi, what the hell r u talking??,have u ever been to vanni and did u ever see whats happening over there???
do u have any idea what your bloody mahinda and his co’s doing to the tamils? will still even support him him if he bombs ur house off and rape ur mother and sister and kill ur brother and father? that’s happening in every family there. go and kill urselves so that u can atleast clean a quarter part of ur sinns.

Comment by blabla

Since February lots have happened. For the first time in modern history a small developing country was able to shake the shackles of colonialism, British Empire’s bullying and the bigotry of the Tamil diaspora to win a war against the most brutal terrorists in the world. Brutal as it is … it is a war. The wars fought even outside of western nations, in Iraq and Afghanistan are sanitized by the western press. There is a double standard in reporting the Sri Lankan War. Sri Lanka was right in curbing the international press. The despicable ‘Tamil Tiger Apologist’ MIA and those who have no knowledge of the recent history nor any idea about Sri Lankan society are still stridently vociferous screaming about this beautiful democratic island nation.

Comment by Ferdinand Salvador

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