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Todays countdown post provided by one of this month’s guest djs, DJ CAPSKI:



DOWNLOAD: Donna McGhee – “Make It last Forever”

From her 1978 album of the same name, this joint is one of those slow deep disco burners that just never gets old for me. The string arrangement on this is bonkers and at 8 minutes it leaves lots of room for Donna to moan and make it, uh, last forever. The album, produced by Patrick Adams and Gregg Carmichael (it was on Carmichael’s “Red Greg” label) features “It Ain’t No Big Thing” which is a classic, but for my money, this is the cut (of course, with Adams on arrangement there are gonna be nuff bangers).

splendor grrrl.

BONUS: The Micronauts – “The Jag”

Now to veer from Devil’s Pie territory, in 1998 “Make It Last Forever” was sampled by the Micronauts for “The Jag,” a kinda groggy joint used in Gregg Araki’s Splendor (you know, that boring threeway movie) with an equally cliched tripped out pansexual rave-ish drug store video for the song (stay away if you’ve got heteronormative hang-ups…but come on, watch it and spill the L U L Z with the rave fashion, and it’s the guy from GO!). Highlight of “The Jag” is the voice getting pitched up and the stabs of “Make It Last Forever.” It’d be kind of impossible to not make a sexy-ish song from the sample material, but it’s one I listened to on repeat in high school (is that weird? my brother had passed it on to me along with all manner of musical madness). But enough of the rave-aside: “Make It Last Forever” is one in a long tradition of over the top beautiful disco songs with production values that should make a lot of people jealous.

p.s. when uploading the track, I realized that acronymified, “Make It Last Forever,” is MILF. LATE PASS! Also, two Greggs in one post.



Dobash (Hawai’i)/Doberge (NOLA)(?) /Dobosch Torte (Viennese) (?)

All I know for sure is that back in Hawai’i this joint is dobash and next to some guava cake, it is one of the few desserts i will fux with (i see you too malasadas! what’s good my portuguese (a-hem potagee) fam?). Anyway, the dobash i like has super rich but thin pudding-y layers of filling between super spongy cake, all chocolate. Looking at recipes, they call for at least 7 eggs, so can i get protein from this? Whatever: it’s the bomb and smooth like the strings in “Make It Last Forever” I don’t get all “OMG YUMMMM MMM UMMMM ohhh OHHHH” with pastry usually, but a good dobash is fer sure on the road to bonerville. Aside: When we moved from HI, my mom was craving the cake so she went to the nearby bakery and of course they had no clue as to what she referred, the only thing they came back with was “divorce cake???” HELL YEAH IT IS.

(note: you can get passable dobash in southern california at King’s.

Wednesday March 18

…soul by the slice…

3rd Wednesdays Soul Party

featuring DJs

FREE Pastries provided by BUTTER TART CAFE!

March 18 Guest DJs:
CAPSKI (Laundromat United)
CONCISE (Rhythm Section, Go!)


3408 Verdugo Rd
Los Angeles, CA 90065


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