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Devil’s Pie | Los Angeles Countown: 5 DAYS!

Todays countdown post provided by my partner in crime, DJ ROZA:


Since we’re covering a variety of soulful flavas, i’ll provide something on the funky soul tip. Betty Davis (former wife of jazz legend Miles Davis) brought the classic bad girl anthem “Anti-Love Song” from her self-titled debut album (1973). Her sexual confidence and fiery vocals over a deep, raw bass line will crawl into your mind and make you sweat. The world wasn’t ready for Betty’s straight talk and fierce beauty back then, but her soul (pun intended) lives through all the hard-knock, independent women today (raising my hand).

DOWNLOAD: Betty Davis – “Anti-Love Song”


Sesame Ball (which my mom translates into “banh ran” minus the accents)

This is a pastry I often indulge in during Chinese/Vietnamese New Year and at dim sum restaurants. They’re such neat little things and quite tasty… deep-fried but light and sweet, made plain or commonly filled with mung bean or red bean paste. I heard somewhere that the Chinese believe if you eat sesame balls, your fortunes will expand like the dough expands when it fries… shoot, gimme a whole bag of ’em!

Wednesday March 18

…soul by the slice…

3rd Wednesdays Soul Party

featuring DJs

FREE Pastries provided by BUTTER TART CAFE!

March 18 Guest DJs:
CAPSKI (Laundromat United)
CONCISE (Rhythm Section, Go!)


3408 Verdugo Rd
Los Angeles, CA 90065


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