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VIDEO: Erykah Badu – “Love Of My Life” ft. Common

This is one of the best hip hop videos ever made.


Well, besides all the nostalgic hip hop historical references (Crazy Legs, Fab 5 Freddy/Wild Style nod, MC Lyte/Badu freestyle battle interlude, Public Enemy Yo! Bum Rush The Show LP cover remake scene, Professor Griff dance moves, and the Kool Herc – originator of hip hop – as the bus driver for the Hip Hop Future Bus), and besides Erykah’s amazing wardrobe (first outfit: purple foot-high platform boots!), there are two specific things the video references, which, for the time the video came out, are mindblowing:

1. Texas Hip Hop/DJ Screw Tribute. The video came out 2002, before Mike Jones, Paul Wall, & Chamillionaire put the Houston drawl on every urban Clear Channel station. For alot of MTV/BET viewers, it was their first introduction to Lil’ Flip (who intro’d this particular segment of the video) and Screwed Up music. I bet they were thinking: “What the fuck’s going on?!” In case y’all didn’t know, Erykah is from Dallas, Texas.

2. Racial Commentary. In the scene where Erykah’s a turntablist, she looks out into the audience and they’re all white. In more than just a fleeting moment, the scene cuts between them and Erykah’s confused facial expression. Those are some of the bravest 8 seconds in mainstream music video history.

DOWNLOAD: Erykah Badu – “Love Of My Life (An Ode To Hip Hop)” ft. Common”
From the Brown Sugar OST (MCA, 2002)



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I love Erykah! The girl is my musical hero right now. No music heroes left for me. Prince is on another planet. Stevie is, well, post Stevie. But E’s got to come out with the second half of the new CD. I like babies too, but come on already.

Comment by LaMont Anthony

Hey DJ Phatrick,

I hpoe it’s alright too lay this on ya!
Just some of my sauce….

Hold On, Take Me by LaMont Anthony by lamont

Comment by LaMont Anthony

Whoa, whoa, she just had a baby and was touring while pregnant. That’s doing a lot!

What about the scene where she walks in on Chuck D having a meeting and to prove she’s down she just has to hold a fist up? Wish that could work more places

Comment by Adía

Yeah, you’re right. I just need another fix. And she’s taking too long to cook it up.

Comment by LaMont Anthony

I think any video with Sanaa Lathan in it is a WINNER. Yes.

Comment by kiwizzo

you are missed. that is all.

Comment by Miss Kristia

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