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Fuck Song Of The Day: Zap Mama – “Non, Non, Non” (Feat. Vincent Cassel)
June 22, 2009, 7:40 pm
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One of the worst decisions I ever made as a young’un was decide to take French instead of Spanish. Now my dumbass is in LA not understanding shit. I’m proud that I can at least order a cabeza taco con extra chile verde late night at the truck after a dj gig.

Even after five years of Francaise, however, I still can’t understand anything Marie is saying in this song. Her and Vincent could be talking about explosive diarrhea, for all I know. Doesn’t matter though, ’cause only the French could make a conversation about loose bowels sound this sexy.

DOWNLOAD: Zap Mama – “Non, Non, Non” (Feat. Vincent Cassel)
From ReCreation (Heads Up, 2009)

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She was just a Bimbo’s last week. (That’s where my sister works.)

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