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NEW ALBUM: Khingz – From Slaveships To Spaceships
June 25, 2009, 1:50 pm
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“I’m not racist, I voted for Obama” is the new “I’m not racist, I have black friends.” (I like the equally faulty statement that I made up: “I’m not racist, I’m an Ethnic Studies Major) Consequently, I’M not racist because I have two Black friends who I consider my brothers: DO D.A.T., who I have already blogged extensively about, and KHINGZ, which is this looker right here:

KHINGZ is the Oakland-by-way-of-Brooklyn-by-way-of-Seattle-but-has-roots-in-Haiti homie who is afflicted with the part-nerd/part-thug/part-community-organizer syndrome combined with a Southend (Seattle) skateboarder aesthetic. All of which makes for great music. His newest album, FROM SLAVESHIPS TO SPACESHIPS is out now and you need to support my brother’s fly gear addiction as soon as possible by ordering the CD HERE. Check out these two songs from the album:

DOWNLOAD 1: Khingz – “Ponyboy”
DOWNLOAD 2: Khingz – “Blaq Han Solo”
From From Slaveships To Spaceships (Fresh Chopped Beats / Madk Productions, 2009)

Aaaaand here’s a video of Khingz making creative use of a bathroom (shout out to Jillthy! If you’re reading this, click HERE):


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LOL @ the “look here”
there’s like 5 people on the planet that will get that joke

whattup Phatty!!!!

much love.

Comment by gabriel teodros

Thanks peeps! enjoy!

Comment by kitty wu

ethnic studies major my ass!

Comment by Do D.A.T

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