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CLASSIC OF THE DAY: Les Nubians – “Demain”
September 14, 2009, 2:08 pm
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Oh, I needed this song so bad this past weekend. More on that in a bit…

The music of LES NUBIANS has a special significance in my life. Their concert at Bimbo’s in SF back in 2002 helped cement a relationship that has lasted seven years through time, distance, and growth. Their first album was the soundtrack to a period in my life where I was finding love in the aftermath of a traumatic separation.

This past weekend contained probably the WORST promoted gig I’ve ever bear witness to. I can’t remember the last time I was THAT angry at an organizer/venue. In fantasy, I wanted to be Tim Heezy (if you know, then you know) and start choking muhfucckas out, but in reality, I just needed that day to end. “Demain” means tomorrow in French.

DOWNLOAD: Les Nubians – “Demain”
From the album Princess Nubiennes (Higher Octave, 1998)

On a funnier note, the hook sounds like the sisters are singing “Du Ma” over and over again, which is an abbreviated way of saying “Fuck your mom” in Vietnamese.

Don’t forget to come out this Wednesday for the DEVIL’S PIE ARETHA TRIBUTE!
Request the “Fuck Your Mom” song…


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