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Photos Of The Day: First Balut Experience | Baguio City, Philippines
December 9, 2009, 12:32 pm
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Sorry it’s been such a long time. I’m recovering from a two week whirlwind trip to the Philippines with Scariaga’s family.

1. Spending time with the future new family getting to know them better and them getting to know me better.
2. Meeting some amazing & inspiring strong women from Steph’s maternal & paternal side.
3. Red Horse + Kilawin na Tanigui + homecooked Kare Kare + three types of Sinigang + Pandesal w/ Ube Butter + homemade Chicken Mami + family farmed Lechon…

1. Being mistaken for a Korean everywhere I went. (let the hate begin)
2. Getting a cold from the chilly Baguio weather.
3. Steph’s two-year-old niece and nephew + multiple six hour vanrides

Getting my new Macbook Pro stolen right outta the window of the room of the auntie’s house.

Eating balut (boiled fertilized duck eggs complete with fetus) for the first time:

Momma Cariaga showing us how it’s done.

First inspection.

Cutie pie, isn’t it?

Let me pet you with my tongue.

The verdict: Broth is good. Fetus is good. Yolk is nasty – but that’s only because I’ve always hated boiled egg yolk.


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