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DOWNLOAD: My Most Used DJ Spinna Remixes

Why honor DJ SPINNA for the next Devil’s Pie tribute?

To that clubber who isn’t a dj and/or a music nerd, Spinna’s name may only ring a bell as one of the two guys behind the WONDER-FULL Stevie Wonder Tribute and SOUL SLAM Michael vs. Prince parties (the other dj is Bobbito btw). However, what said clueless clubgoer does not know is how gifted, prolific, and experienced Spinna is as a producer as well as a dj. He has classic joints in almost every genre of contemporary soul music. He’s pretty much the Stevie Wonder of DJ/Producers; even has an uncannily similar smile!

That being said, I can’t say that I’m a Spinna expert. If you search for “Spinna” in my iTunes, only six songs show up (I have more Spinna on vinyl, I swear!). Of these six, three of them are usually played at least once at almost every gig I play at:

DOWNLOAD: Shirley Bassey – “Spinning Wheel” (DJ Spinna Remix)

DOWNLOAD: Soulstice – “Reason” (DJ Spinna Remix)

DOWNLOAD: De La Soul – “Stakes Is High” (DJ Spinna Remix)

Like I said, I’m not a Spinna expert, so those three tracks might not be the best representation he has in each genre; but you won’t catch me at a gig without them in my record bag…er…I mean Serato playlist.

This coming Wednesday, catch a real Spinna expert, the amazing DJ SHRED ONE, pay a much needed tribute to the DJ/Producer who tributes others tirelessly:

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