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DOWNLOAD: Kiwi – “To No One In Particular”
December 31, 2009, 1:13 pm
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and so i let it all go / let the words flow
pour a little water and watch this thing grow
grow in the direction we feel the sun glow
hit the plateau / then go for some mo’

whether fast or slow / whether life or death
at the end of this story there won’t be regret
gotta go beyond just getting my feet wet
dry myself off and ask em’ what’s next

this whole time just playing it safe
stuck there cause i’m too scared of making mistakes
but i cannot escape / and i’m feeling the stress
and what i really wanna say stays locked in my chest

and my solution is to turn and run
and i hella wanna cry but the tears won’t come
feel so numb / no longer young
cigarette smoke doing stuff to my lungs

document my pain / with a stain / on my skin
yet another lonely night getting flaked on again
so i pick up the pen / time to get it in
gotta clear my mind / with the rhyme / medicine

a temporary remedy to deal with the hurt
a seed that i’m planting to find my self-worth
tryin to build something you got to do work
folks in my community tossing mad dirt

i used to brush it off / but now we’re getting lost
and people tripping when i tell em that we gotta talk
oh well i guess i gotta keep moving
so do what you do i’ll do what i’m doing

to no one in particular everyone in general
my promise to you all to keep it self-critical
from my mind body and soul from my head to toe
i’m gonna end it like it started… gotta let it go

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This song is DOPE. Kiwi has done it again, I love it. Spittin the truth, again.

Comment by KAT.Young

wow. beautiful.

Comment by masashi

Nice Job. For what Its worth you have at least one fan in Kansas City

Comment by Kansas City DJ Mo

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