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FEEL GOOD SONG OF THE DAY: Maiko Watson – “Sweet Vibration” (Remix)
January 25, 2010, 11:51 am
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In lieu of the beautiful weather we’ve been having in LA after a week’s worth of rain, I feel this song is very apropos (did i use that word right?).

DISCLAIMER: I’ve had this in the vaults for a minute and was reluctant to post in the past. In this “post hip hop” / “post 9-11” era, music with an air of optimistic naivete seems to be frowned upon. I’ve always felt that this song might seem a little corny to some folks. But fuck it, I like it.

DOWNLOAD: Maiko Watson – “Sweet Vibration” (Remix)
From Sweet Vibration (Labeame Records, 2009)


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Man just had to give a shot out cuz I almost broke my neck jammin to the parliment p -fizzle mix you put together. I feel like kicking a door down! FONNNNNNKY!!!!

Comment by deziak1906

Maiko Watson’s Sweet Vibration is awesome. Every track is incredible. I love her music. Thank you for promoting it.

Comment by parentsunderground

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