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This Wednesday at DEVIL’S PIE, we’ll be featuring the ONLY mashup artist that I will publicly admit liking: SIIK.

Actually, I still cringe even using the word “mashup” anywhere on this blog. But that’s what most accurately describes what SIIK does. He takes the acapella of one song and combines it with a different instrumental. Seems simple enough? Wrong. What I like about SIIK’s remixes (a less-negatively associated term) is that he’s able to marry pop/rnb/rap acapellas with soulful instrumentals in a way that completely transforms the vibe of the song.

Take his Amerie remix for example. This is the one that got SIIK his 15 minutes. He transforms the original club banger, produced by Rich Harrison, who sampled the hard funk ofThe Meters, into a smoothed out head-nodder/two-stepper by surgically attaching a nice Nujabes instrumental to Amerie’s raw vocals.

DOWNLOAD: Amerie – “One Thing (Siik Remix)

Yes, I said surgical. Surgery requires training, experience, and skill. Proper “mashups” aren’t simply beat matching two different sources and smacking them on top of each other. You have to match the keys of the tracks (which SIIK is amazing at), you have match differing rhythmic swings of the tracks, you have to edit song arrangements so that musically they fit snugly, and you also have to mix the vocals just right so that they can fit sonically with the instrumental. The reason why I can’t stand mashups is because 1. their producers usually don’t take into account all those steps and end up with a terrible sounding mix and 2. nine times out of ten, they are just party songs made into more-partying party songs. I want to hear something creative and risky.

My favorite SIIK remix is “Step In The Name Of Love”:

DOWNLOAD: R. Kelly – “Step In The Name Of Love” (Siik Remix)

R. Kelly’s two step anthem (a staple record in my crate) and one of Kanye’s dopest instrumentals, used by 213 & reinterpreted by Alicia Keys, match each other like Roach & Pacquiao: perfect.

Download more SIIK remixes and dj mixes at his website:

And come through this Wednesday to hear him play live:


I love the text design and layout on this!
October 26, 2009, 12:32 pm
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via Yeezy.

VIDEO: Murs – “The Science”
April 30, 2009, 9:30 am
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Goddamnit Murs, just when I’ve finally decided I’m done with your music, you drop a gem like this:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Via Yeezy.

VIDEO: Keri Hilson – “Knock Me Down” ft. Kanye West & Ne-Yo
April 10, 2009, 12:24 am
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Um. I usually don’t post things that all the other blogs usually post, but we just drove back to Oakland for a quick vacation and had this song on repeat:

Here’s a rundown of my favorite lines:

“…this is bad, real bad: Michael Jackson / now I’m mad, real mad: Joe Jackson…”
Kanye West

“…I used to be commander in chief of my pimp ship flying high…”

DOWNLOAD: Keri Hilson – “Knock Me Down” ft. Kanye West & Ne-Yo (Produced by Danja)
From In A Perfect World… (Zone 4, 2009)

P.S.: In A Perfect World… is 50% amazing, and 50% wack. No middle ground.

P.P.S.: Danja (formerly Danjahandz) is a fucking beast. One of the dopest producers out right now.

808’s & Heartbreak…
November 20, 2008, 4:40 pm
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…is REALLY GOOD. And please believe me when I say I’m as surprised to say that as alot of you Kanye haters would be. Until last night, when an unnamed source emailed me the leak to the entire album, the only song I was hella feeling was “Heartless.” (Don’t front. “Heartless” is the truth!) I liked “Love Lockdown” when it first came out, but it turned me off to see him performing it live WITH auto-tune but was still off key. “Love Lockdown” is actually one of the weaker songs on the album…that and the Weezy joint.

Peep the album version of “Robocop”:
DOWNLOAD: Kanye West – “Robocop”

Kanye also a solid reputation for having amazing intro songs:
DOWNLOAD: Kanye West – “Say You Will”
DISCLAIMER: This is a leak, so the track order might be off, meaning this might not be the actual intro song.

UPDATE: So, the net police deleted the mp3s. All good. Myspace is offering the album for streaming preview on Kanye’s page.

Now, while, musically, this album is good, I must say that the more comfortable Kanye gets creating music from and about his ego (which he has the complete right to do), the less staying power his music has in my musical treasure chest. There’s a “wholesomeness” in his early music, especially on his debut album College Dropout, that really sticks to your soul which, for me, is lacking on his new shit. I’ve long stopped listening to Graduation, but continue to bump Late Registration, my favorite, on every six hour drive to and from Oakland. What is it? Is it the switch in subject matter? Is it because the “All Falls Downs” have been replaced by the “Flashing Lights”?

Big ups to Guerilla Busfare!

GOOD LOOKS Countdown: 1 DAY!
October 7, 2008, 10:33 am
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Vodpod videos no longer available.

How convenient for the G.O.O.D. Music don to drop the video for “Love Lockdown” the day before GOOD LOOKS
Kanye’s shit has been impeccable since day 1. Remember this?:


Dahlak from iLL-Literacy just released his remix of “Love Lockdown” which is from his upcoming free mixtape Live from the Boondocks: Commencement

DOWNLOAD: Dahlak – “Never Know: A Love Lockdown Remix” feat. N.I.C.


Song of the Year: M.I.A. – “Paper Planes”

I remember a year ago, Steph and I were sitting on the homie Ben’s couch at his house in Saigon, Vietnam, and listening to a leaked version of M.I.A.’s second album, Kala. To be honest, on first listen, we weren’t feeling it. Keep in mind, we were HUGE fans of Arular. Feeling a little disappointed, my impatient ass was about to turn the stereo off and go on a bahn xeo run when the Clash horn/guitar sample that opens “Paper Planes,” blasts through the speakers. Needless to say we forgot about the crepe.

Today, I still consider Arular a stronger album then Kala. But “Paper Planes” is M.I.A.’s greatest song made thus far in her career…and a year later, it’s spreading beyond her typical indie-electronic-blipster-ilovebailefunk-progressive fanbase. spreading fast.


DOWNLOAD: T.I. feat. Kanye West, Jay-Z & Lil Wayne – “Swagger Like Us”
[link updated]
(via the usual suspects)

This song from T.I.’s Paper Trail, which might possibly be the greatest collabo track of 2008, samples a line from “Paper Planes.” The credits should really say “featuing M.I.A.” since she, by far, as the greatest swagger of all the voices on the track, [wink].


The Pineapple Express trailer:


Diplo, the producer of “Paper Planes” and M.I.A. (they were once a couple) at home singing an early version of the song.


DOWNLOAD: The Clash – “Straight to Hell”
(via Different Kitchen)

The original sample for “Paper Planes”, from the classic album Combat Rock by The Clash.


The fambam, Blue Scholars, doing their version of “Paper Planes” at ECAASU.

“Swagger Like Us” is produced by Yeezy.


I assumed that all the readers out there have this track already, but if not, here you go:
DOWNLOAD: M.I.A. – “Paper Planes”