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FUCK SONG OF THE DAY: Me’Shell NdegeOcello – “Love You Down”
October 8, 2009, 7:24 pm
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DOWNLOAD: Me’Shell NdegeOcello – “Love You Down”
From her new album, DEVIL’S HALO (Downtown, 2009)

Sidenote: Back when I was in the Bay, Me’Shell Ndegeocello actually came to Devil’s Pie one time! YEE.


Fuck Song of the Day: Me’Shell Ndegéocello – “Trust”
August 7, 2008, 3:19 pm
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Today’s Fuck Song is brought to you by Pinoy emcee, activist, and bike lover, Kiwi:

Me’Shell Ndegéocello – “Trust”

From the album Cookie: The Anthropological Mixtape

Well Phatty, you asked for a “Fuck Song,” so here you go. The lyrics, I would imagine, are self-explanatory. But I think the words, in this case, play ‘slave’ to the beat, which absolutely screams sensuality. It is the sound of sex: curious, nasty, uninhibited, awkward, beautiful.

There’s one line she says that really messed with me for awhile: “Can’t you feel….. My sadness….” Which to me means that it’s so ‘deep’ that it goes beyond just the joy and ecstasy of sex, and digs into a darker place. It is the healing, the therapy of touch. Which almost makes me wonder, is this song about fucking or something else?

Put your tongue in my mouth / Make me wet
Run your hands down my back / Grab my ass
Lay me down / Spread my legs
Mmm, tell me what’s it like…

Inside me
Inside me
Oh yeah
Inside me

You’re so hard
Mmm, so warm baby / So deep (deep)
Let me hold you closer, baby / I won’t let go
Let me stroke you with my warmth / Make you come…

Inside me
Inside me
My hands feel good
Inside me
Can’t you feel…. My sadness
Inside me
Can you feel… So deep
Yeah yeah… So deep

For more info on Me’Shell Ndegéocello: