DJ Phatrick

DOWNLOAD: Native Guns – “Handcuffs” No Justice Remix (Produced by ET)

Dope remix from our brother, ET of Mass Movement.

In his words:

Today Oscar Grant’s murderer Johannes Mehserle was given an insulting and unjust verdict of “involuntary manslaughter.” The court system confirmed that an officer can shoot an unarmed man cold-blooded in the back, with hundreds of witnesses watching, and get away with a slap on the wrist.

Echoing the words of the Los Angeles Coalition for Justice for Oscar Grant:

We reject the continued official cover-up of the murder of Oscar Grant with a jury exclusive of African Americans, yet including several jurors with police as immediate family, hundreds of miles from the scene of the crime, by a judge notorious for covering police crimes and with slanted rules of evidence.

This remix is dedicated to all the people just like Oscar Grant who never see justice in this inherently unjust system. Today is another reminder that the whole system is corrupt and needs to be changed. The struggle is long, we have to stay strong.

DOWNLOAD: Native Guns – “Handcuffs” No Justice Remix (Produced by ET)