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SXSW 2009 Discovery: Mike Baker The Bike Maker


Ok. Last one. I’m kinda stretching on this one because they’re the homies from before SXSW. Mike Baker and his Honor Roll crew were reppin’ Oakland (Alameda in Mike’s case) all up and down Sixth St. in Austin during SXSW! I never got around to downloading his EP, Now Or Never, when it first came out, but luckily, he had a duffle bag full of them and laced me with a cd.

DOWNLOAD: Mike Baker The Bike Maker – “Espionage”
From Now Or Never EP. Produced by 1O.A.K..

This song has been on repeat in my oh-so-stereotypical Acura Integra for the last 3 weeks. Well, not literally. Only when I stop listening to NPR. Nerd.

Download the entire EP HERE.

For more info on Mike Baker:


If you’re a Native Guns fan, you might recognize 1O.A.K.’s work on our Stray Bullets Mixtape Vol. 2:

DOWNLOAD: Native Guns – “Gangsters & Guerillas” ft. Ise Lyfe & Do D.A.T.


VIDEO: SXSW 2009 Summed Up In 2 Mins
April 10, 2009, 12:14 am
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SXSW 2009 Discovery: Black Spade


After discovering Anya Marina, Bam, Zoneil, and I rushed over to the SmokingSection / NahRight marathon hip hop showcase with hopes of grabbin’ some free Taco Cabana – which, for those not knowin’, is the best fuckin’ Tex Mex foodchain EVER! Imagine El Pollo Loco goodness combined with JackInTheBox-like menu options – no luck though, false promises.

While we wait for the Blue Scholars to perform, a trio of St. Louis emcees open up the show, including Black Spade.

DOWNLOAD 1: Black Spade – “Evil Love”
DOWNLOAD 2: Black Spade – “Good Crazy”
Both songs from To Serve With Love (Om Records, 2008)

Even before his formal set, dude perked my ears. He was behind his MPC playing futuristic beats and singing/adlib-ing for the first emcee, Rockwell Knuckles. By the time he got into “Good Crazy” in his own set, me and Lambo were singing along and fist punching along with the hook.

Another late pass, I know. Especially since the homie, Nick James, remixed a couple of tracks from To Serve With Love LAST YEAR! Download them here.

For more information on Black Spade:

SXSW 2009 Discovery: Anya Marina

So, you really don’t need this insignificant blog to tell you how amazing SXSW was last week. Go read that elsewhere. Instead, I’m gonna run down some new artists I discovered while we were there:


We stumbled upon this beautiful-voiced songstress early Friday afternoon at the Filter Magazine’s showcase while waiting for Idle Warship to perform and searching for free BBQ & beer (everything at SXSW is pretty much free, if you know where to go).

DOWNLOAD: Anya Marina – “Two Left Feet”
From Slow And Steady Seduction: Phase II (Chop Shop, 2009)

I’m a sucker for female chanteuses with whispery child-like voices (a la Lykke Li and Golda Supernova). However, what sealed the deal was when she sung a cover of T.I.’s “Whatever You Like”:

For more info on Anya Marina: